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Aug 4, 2009

Indian frog 'marriage' to bring on monsoon – Reaction to climate change

The News:

MUMBAI (AFP) — Two frogs have been "married" in a ceremony in the western Indian state of Maharashtra to usher in the delayed monsoon rains, a report said Wednesday.

Residents in a suburb of Nagpur, 860 kilometres (530 miles) east of the state capital Mumbai, looked on as the groom, Raja, and bride, Rani, were joined in union in a solemn ritual at the weekend, the Times of India said.

Tradition dictates that if frogs are married off with full Vedic or Hindu rituals, the rain god is pleased and the heavens will open within days. Similar ceremonies have been held across the country.

Indians have been watching the skies anxiously after the monsoon failed to appear two weeks ago, prompting concerns about the impact on agriculture and water supplies as lakes run dry after a long, hot summer.

Now just have a look :

This marriage happened as per Hindu ritual which cost at least two thousand. This is a great example of us who are understanding the climate change , realizing the demand that something require to be done to restore the environment but we don’t know HOW ? We don’t know WHY this changed.

It is unexplained. so….we believe.. this is GOD who can help us. But WHY HE? HE created HIS best creatures and sent to earth with all we need.. BUT it is us who made a BIG QUESTION mark on the fate of this earth only due to to our aggressive improvements (!!*$#@!) .

We understood what we did , what a damage we have done so far…a lot of countries have taken steps to reduce temperature by 2 degree by tha yaer 2050.

But it’s not enough. We all individual have to contribute.. have to make our part to save the earth or else we need a golden frame for this bellow picture.

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