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Dec 7, 2009

Climate Change, COP15 and Individual Responsibilities

“…There is new and stronger evidence that most of the warming observed over the last 50 years is attributable to human activities.”

--Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2001

Global warming: results of increasing greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Talking easily and in short, it is a blanket of gases (Mainly co2 and methane) that wraps around the Earth and holds the heat in and once it emits to atmosphere, it took around 100 years to atmosphere to go to it’s original situation.. As global temperatures increases, the climate changes. And we all experienced it. Now emission is going high, green is striving for equal existence and so,
earth is melting .
conferences of the parties" (COPs – Copenhagen is number 15, hence COP15

We have conquered Sea, Sky speeded up our daily life by cars…..Destroyed green belts in name of speeding up….For homes. Roads…industries. (a recent great example is uttaranchal..I was there in her initial days of reformation. It was terrible…All trees are chopped down…nobody clear ‘bout forest restoration agenda .. and hoping for economic reformation. better income. We have taken out all possible resources in all form from our mother nature and make our self progressive.
By this aggressive progression made the echo-environmental situation imbalanced and now it is vary near to breaking point. But still we can save it, It’s still in our control but further detoration of environment will go  beyond our control.
We Still are unable to see the far future of mankind and just polluting by
1.      Directly and indirectly causing and inspiring de-forestation. New industries, housing accommodations are coming up with out any environment restoration policy.
2.      Emitting all nuisance gases in name of development even showing thumb to existing environment pollution norms. Govt. helpless due to so many administrable and political cause.
3.      Even two and four wheeler emission norm are also not honored (I am not talking ‘bout certificate. Those are available at through away price)
4.      Vowed to put tiger, two horn rhino, elephant and so many animals in missing Dodo’s list.
5.      putting all other nuisance garbage  to pollute the environment.

Pic. Curtsy: Jason Melgoza

And now we all are experiencing the climate change. It’s extreme nature. No rain, shifting of rainy season which further bows our poor, loan ridden farmer to suicide, drought area is increasing. Glaciers are melting and still we are overlooking our negative contributions to atmosphere and saying that it’s normal. We generated and propagating Global warming conspiracy theory. Anthropological heat, solar spot cycle all are right I too like to think it’s true but the harsh truth is that our negative contribution to earth  is getting multiplied in every minutes which is not deniable. and still if we are thinking safe then the chances are there that we will miss the chance to save ourselves .

Copenhagen summit is started. We all environment lovers are looking for one ninety countries world leader’s common commitment for a better environment. Hopefully In generic all will be agreed for emission cut. And definitely after few months and year they will sit again for gap analysis and may be new achievable target will be taken
A diplomatic devil eyes in form of “Carbon offset” , “Cap and trade” have been well discussed which may make it weak (Just in recent news : Arcelor Mittal, a company owned by Mittal group got co2 emitting CAP as high as 90m ton per year in the EU from 2008 to 2012 when in actual company emitted 68m tons in last year. It makes the company to be richer by one billion dollar just by trading it’s surplus EU for around eighty company 
(Graphics :Emeli)

what they had in Europe. There may be so many companies like this who are having the same profit of “CAP and Trade” without contributing anything).
We don’t know in this diplomatic and politically summit, who will won and who will loose. There is already a difference between developing and developed countries on emission cut. So, How far they will be successful in reduction of emission, how many new coal fired thermal station will open, how far "CAP and Trade" will success, will are still in doubt . there has so many possibilities of single hand clap but individually we can contribute a lot.
As an individual we may opt and or demand followings to fight to gift a clean earth to our future:
1.      Many of us want to contribute but don’t know how ? An awareness program, individual help from NGOs to find solutions will help a great extend.
2.      Carbon foot print assessment and certificate for individual and housing society ranking and local award.
3.      To encourage individuals to go green by spreading awareness, encourage by showing the savings, ROI. Involvement of NGOs, govt. subsidization will make the job easy.
4.      Plantation should be subsidies.
5.      Urban solution of biogas is demand of time. So, need encourage to make it popular
6.      Local area need to be responsible for taking proper care of govt. plantation
7.      Plant restoration and de-plantation rule should be strict and punishment process should be remarkable faster.
8.      Green technology need to be encouraged.
9.      Green belt in housing society should be decided and maintained depend upon total no. of man and gray water (bathroom water) which is easy to recycle must be compulsorily recycled.
10.  Rule should be more strict and effective to save forest belts.
.(5% of green house has Emission reduction target by 2012 in  Kyoto protocol is not honored at all. see graphics. graphic curtsy :Simon Rogers' post @

 So, There is doubt that how Far Summit will Success but If we fail to react now, Our future will not forgive us!

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