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Feb 14, 2010

Be green To Save your Hard Earn Money !

If we stay green then not only we can contribute to reduce environment pollution but still we have a strong scope to save our hard earn money too. Whatever I find, this is due to lack of awareness and knowledge, ignorance to slow but chronic waste of money what restrict us to take these small easy steps. Here are some few examples of GREEN HABITS what we can adopt very easily.
1. Save money by Lighting your home with Green Lights :
a). Natural light is the best option ‘coz it is totally free and you can get it enough if you consider this option as the time of choosing your flats.
b) LED lighting is second option because of it’s a upcoming technologies and availability to common market, and considering initial cost CFL is the best choice which gives higher illumination with low power consumption

2. Other domestic electrical appliances: Opt for BEE or (Burue of Energy efficiency) star certified. Go for as higher rating as possible in that segment, make home study before to buy and depend little on sales executive(They will insist on their commission view)
Who Are They ?
Energy star : by US environment protection agency by US department of energy. Encouraging to make a energy efficient home and office.

more details to Dig :
a) Energy efficient products for home and office
b) Tips to make Energy efficient home
c) 30% of tax credit upto $1500. Expires on 31st dec. 2010.

BEE (Burue of energy efficiency)
By Ministry of Power, Govt. of India started nation wide awareness program and leveling electrical appliances. Still have a huge scope to improve by promote energy saving by offering direct tax rebate and easy search and compare option for general visitors.

More to Dig  
a) Homepage
b) Study on home appliances before to purchase
c) BEE Start rating equipments 2009 edition (Expecting the same in BEE website with high updation frequency )

A comparison of  energy efficient Stars in appliances like AC, Tubelights and refrigerator.

1.      Save money by Green Driving: BIG savings points for two wheeler and four wheeler drivers are traffic signals..
saving = no. of. Traffic lights in your daily vehicle way X Average stoppage time X idle run consumption (See the chart) / 1000 to make it in Ltr. X Petrol cost X 365
It shows if you have to stop over 24 traffic signals daily and 60 sec. in average then for two wheeler saving scope is Rs. 3000 per year and more than Rs. 9000 for a four wheeler. (you are having some additional money to invest / family get-together i.e. to go some extra miles) Other green driving options are clear in following video.
i)                    Two Wheeler – Avg. 7 ml. / minute of idle run
ii)                   Three Wheeler – Avg. 12 ml. / min. of idle run
iii)                 Four Wheeler – Avg. 21.6 ml. / min. of idle run
iv)                 Truck / Bus – avg. 100 ml. / min. of idle run


  1. Thanks to you and other people like you, there shouldn't be anyone who owns a computer who doesn't know all the ways to go green. Good for you for getting the message out. Keep up the good work!

  2. We should also remember to turn off the lights when we leave a room!

    So many easy ways to save energy and materials that never seem to enter people's heads. Just use 10% of what you used to use eg less water, when washing, less soap/shampoo, less tissue paper etc. Use less!

    My own pet hang-ups include:

    > Always making a fuss when I am given a plastic bag to carry something which will easily fit in my pocket.

    > Checking skips/bins for items which can be recycled. You'd be appalled at what the 'idle rich' throw away for no good reason