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Aug 2, 2010

Rain Water Harvesting - A responsibility of All

On Every summer season, I saw in news paper that the water level in reservoir went down and municipality is going to reduce the water supply.
After rain comes the statistics are on news that this reservoir is filled by this percent and that reservoir  is by that.
But I surprised, Why rain water harvesting are not taking to maximum at individual level ? At govt. level, it is not easy to reach all these areas but it is very easy if they aided and encourage individuals to do the same.

Aid should include  financial aid to afford the system (Installation and maintenance), some sort of reward for adopting this and technology transfer. Here are in short to get a rough idea about rain water harvesting.

What is rain water harvesting : It is to catch rain water and to use it to recharge ground water or to store it for future use.
Why Rain Water need to be harvest ? We are using Surface water and ground water for domestic use but surface water is not sufficient and recovery of ground water are not sufficient to meet our demand – result, ground water level goes down and gives birth of water crisis. To come out from this situation, we need to recharge ground water artificially .”Due to rapid urbanization, open soil area are decreasing and so, infiltration of rain water into the sub-soil has decreased drastically and recharging of ground water has diminished “ So, it becomes all individuals responsibility to do the most for rain water harvesting and Govt. , NGO's should come out for taking the responsibility for implementation it in macro and micro level. ( All Govt. and pvt. Offices, buildings , industries, individuals )

How Shall We harvest :
We can harvest in two ways :

1. Store for future use
2. Rechage of ground water

It has few steps like  :

a) Catchment area - Roof top or roof slope
b) Transportation – Good quality UPVCpipes
c) First Flush – First rain water has huge contaminent which can not be use and need to be flush out.
d) Filter – Regular Sand filter, charchole filter, PVC pipe filter OR some developed good quality filter Like (Varun -Developed by Bangalore base water harvesting expert Mr. S Vishwanath,  – Rs. 2250 or Wisy make SS filters (German)
e)  Storage of water – After wel filtration we can store it for domestic use, Even we can use it for drinking too (See bellow informations on Rain PC by Aquasure and Rain water harvester from EA Water Pvt. Ltd. )
f)  recharge ground water – Some graphics available on net (Thanks to owner and google search)
. Rain PC (A system for the conversion of rainwater to drinking water )
AcquaSure, a consortium of three specialist Netherlands-based companies, has developed a system for the conversion of rainwater to drinking water in the form of a Rainwater Purification Centre (RainPC).
RainPC is developed by scaling down the multi-staged water treatment method (MST), which involves screening, flocculation sedimentation and filtration and incorporating existing technologies like upward flow fine filtration, absorption and ion exchange. Coming in a small compact 26 kg unit, the RainPC offers an affordable solution by converting rainwater into drinking water.
RainPC is made of ultra violet resistant poly-ethylene housing and cover, stainless steel rods and bolts, a nickel-brass valve and an adapter for maintaining constant volume. Xenotex-A and activated carbon catridges along with ultra membrane filtration or micro-membrane filtration modules incorporated in the RainPC has the capacity to deal with E-coli and the potential of meeting the Dutch as well as World Health Organisations (WHO) water regulation standards. The components can also be transported individually to be assembled at the site. Three product types are available based on their microbial contaminant removal capacity. This technology is ideally suited for virtually any situation and is a blessing particularly for those who have little or no access to regular safe drinking water.
(The above information is as per the manufacturers' claims and not based on any study by CSE.)
For further information Email:
 Cost Of Individual Rain Harvesting Systems : It is aprox. Rs.5000. (See breakup is available in bellow mentioned Websites.

Most of the data and Pictures are taken from following websites. I tried to draw a brief pecture. For more details, Please go through the following sites

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